About Me

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HeadshotForensic Computer Scientist and an Attorney. That is a weird description to read right? If it makes you feel better, my mother still tells people I have a “double major”.

I hold a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans, with M.S. concentration in Information Assurance as well as a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science with Emphasis on Computer Science and Concentration in Information Assurance. In my undergraduate work, my elective interests were primarily centered in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In my graduate work, I performed research both in Bioinformatics and in Digital Forensics related areas.

I also hold a J.D. from the Tulane University Law School along with a certificate in International and Comparative Law. Additionally, I have received training and hold certificates in mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution.

Prior to coming to the practice of law, I worked as a programmer, system administrator, and an IT director. I also spent a number of years practicing as a forensic computer scientist where I primarily worked with civil litigation clients dealing with preservation issues and electronic discovery disputes including testifying as an expert witness (both in criminal and civil cases). I have also served as a special master in federal court.

Presently, I am an attorney at the firm Hangartner, Rydberg & Terrell (hanrylaw.com) where I deal with complex litigation, electronic discovery, intellectual property and cyber incident/liability issues. I do still have active forensic cases and occasionally will take on new such cases as my legal work load permits, but generally only by referral.

My other interests include writing about the intersections of law, technology, and privacy.