DC3 2009

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Skype Chat Logs

The conversation between the two suspects occurs in chatmsg512.dbb and chatmsg256.dbb located in the Application Data directory under the skype profiles. Recall from the witness’s report incorporated in the warrant affidavit:

  1. Ms. LaToure went on to relate that she went to use the computer earlier in the week and noticed that besides the computer not working properly, she saw some disturbing information in the computer that relates to Mr. Stallman’s planning of what seemed to her a violent robbery involving weapons and explosives.

  2. She further stated that she had seen him bring weapons into her apartment while they lived together, both handguns and some type of rifles, but he eventually stopped that when she objected to having them around the premises due to her several minor children.

  3. With Ms. LaToure’s permission, this agent we made a check of her apartment and determined that there were no firearms on the premises.

  4. She added that during one of their arguments when Mr. Stallman had threatened her life, he had further stated that she shouldn’t think he was kidding because he had “killed people before”.

  5. Mrs. Stallman stated that up to a month before she put him out that he had quite a collection of weapons, ammunition, and some cans of something stored in their basement but he had removed them; which she showed me to be true. When she had asked about them and where he got them, he said something like he got them from his uncle who wanted them cleaned and oiled.

In the message conversations Stallman uses the alias yogibear1953 and Zeus uses the alias kikil1932. Stallman and Zeus mention money they will soon possess, obtaining guns and ammunition, hitting a place, etc. With regard to conversations concerning the weapons it is indicated the ammunition was purchased, “like buying steaks at the grocery” without giving a name. It is further indicated the guns and/or other equipment were not purchased “new” that they were in fact taken from Stallman’s uncle. Stallman indicates he used a rag over his hands when removing the guns, and blew dust back over where the guns had been resting presumably so their absence would not be detected. He also indicates having a canister of black powder which would constitute an explosive. Stallman indicates he has a fake identification which would constitute forgery, another crime for the roster. They briefly discuss the patrol patterns of the guards at their target.

Later in the conversation the pair discuss what happened “last time” indicating this is not a new line of crime for them, further “Don’t change a thing man, you still killed them” was mentioned indicating an additional crime from the past. From the exchange it would appear Zeus killed someone on their last job and is threatening Stallman into keeping quiet or they will both “ride the needle.” Lastly, there is a cryptic remark indicating a prearranged covert communication channel, “listen, we got this going and just need to chill awhile. Gotta get off this comm and get on the other one we set up so they cant trace us so good. Get up on that one, regular time and well finish the planning

MSN Chat Logs

When examining the log files for other instant message programs, we find the alternate communication channel they set up to be MSN. Strangely, Stallman uses yogibear1953@hotmail.com as his covert alternate login instead of his yahoo yogibear1953@yahoo.com email. The communications are provided in the Evidence / Chat Logs / MSN directory.

In it the suspicion that the black powder would be used for an explosive is confirmed. Stallman indicates he created an improvised fragmentation grenade from a pipe bomb and ball bearings. He further indicates he tested it in a dump and that the incident was reported in the news. This should be easily confirmed.

The exchange also reveals their plans, “We go in while the guards are all at lunch, find the crates of ipods and get them out the door. Though their estimation of the street value of stolen ipods seems out of touch e.g. $300-400 per.

Included in the evidence directory is an image of ipods with the following text:

Maybe this will improve your attitude a little.

After this job, get ready to be rich for many years to come!

This, taken in context, would be incriminating.

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