Wikileaks – NeoNazi Forum Dumps

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Wikileaks has data from several Neo Nazi forums. The information includes user lists, private message histories, forum posts, etc. I’ve been pouring over the data since yesterday. They seem to be using SMF and phpBB primarily between the sites – some with modified fields. I’m currently looking at the communication patterns for the private messages. When I analyzed the user lists, I found a good number of overlap users between the sites – users who were members of multiple websites. What I’m doing now is cross referencing the private messages to and from the individuals with multiple memberships. I’m hoping this reveals who the significant actors are, what individuals form subgroups, and how different subgroups are linked between the sites through the multiple membership users.

This is all very preliminary, but should make for some fascinating observations later. After I am done with the communication patterns, I’m going to take a look at word frequencies in the forum posts. I might make one of those weighted word clouds, those always make for intriguing eye candy.

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