DC3 2010

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DC3 2k10 is here again, and team NSSAL will be participating again this year. I was a little disappointed in our overall ranked performance last year, but the challenge numbers are a little misleading. The 2008 challenge was composed of discrete components, whereas 2009 was an investigation – we solved the investigation, but there is only so much time you can spend beating a dead horse for more points once a case is solved.


I’m pleased to say this year our team will have fewer distractions and we’ll even all be in the same city this go around. I’m due to pick up the challenge data this weekend, but first appearances seem to indicate 2010 will be closer in format to 2008. Obviously, with the DC3 I cannot comment about the challenge itself until the end, but I hope to have another good write up on our entry when everything is over in December.

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