NOPA Slides June 2011

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I gave a presentation to the New Orleans Paralegal Association for their June 2011 meeting. The presentation was on differences between reality and crime genre movies and television shows like NCIS, CSI, Numb3rs, etc. The presentation contains a number of video clips from such shows, and has some information explaining where they were right, where they were wrong, and some of the problems with changing technology making previously impossible things possible.

*UPDATE* – One of my slides pokes fun at the “GUI Interface in Visual Basic” to track an IP address, and invalid IP addresses. This morning’s update to the long running BOFH ‘comic’ took a moment to poke fun at some of these same topics.

“Yes, but if you like we can use our television script based IT skills to determine who damaged these computers?”

“Well… yes, if you think it will work?” the Boss burbles.

“You bet. We’ll have it sorted inside the hour. Or 16 minutes if we don’t stop for adverts.”

“So you want me to run up a GUI interface using visual basic to track the killer’s IP Address?” the PFY asks.

“Yes do that – although we already know the first number in the address is 324 dot something.”

“Ah, so it’s from downtown,” the PFY nods knowingly.

NOPA June 2011553.75 kB

Slide 9 Video – Utter nonsense

Slide 11 Video – Numb3rs IPv4

Slide 13 Video – Gaming Consoles & Spreadsheets

Slide 16 Video – NCIS Steganography

Slide 18 Video – Elements song; encoding lyrics into MP3

Slide 19 Video – Original vs Hidden comparison

Slide 21 Video – Fried phone

Slide 23 Video – Stuxnet

Slide 25 Video – You can always unplug

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