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Moving forward is never an easy decision, but sometimes we outgrow what we have, and must move to something new.

For me, it is time to move on from Venue Docket. I have been at Venue for over five years working with it and its sister companies, but now I find I must move on to move forward. For my clients, there will be no disruption to my services. I will be contacting you soon with updated information on my new company Digital Inquest, LLC.

One of the exciting opportunities this change brings is for me to expand my services to other clients I have been unable to work with in the past.  I look forward to continuing my work with plaintiff firms who find themselves in eDiscovery disputes. I also look forward to doing more proactive work with defense firms dealing with issues from preservation through developing defensible search protocols. I feel that in the end, whether I am hired by a defense firm or a plaintiff firm, the ultimate goal is the same: understanding the problem, developing a solution, and delivering that solution in the most efficient manner possible.

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