First 2012 Discere Dev Update

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My work on Discere continues. PST files have been supported for a while now, but lotus notes is the other half of the corporate email coin. Unfortunately, there are no cross platform open source libraries which support LotusNotes NSF files in pure java. Instead, I am using the IBM Domino API – unfortunately this requires Domino Designer to be installed which makes it a Windows solution. This is not optimal as I’ve been aiming for complete platform independence, but this may be a necessary evil for now.

As with my test metrics for PST files, the speed doing a native -> PDF conversion directly instead of using PDF/Tiff printer drivers etc is very promising. The test file I am developing against converted ~3.5k emails to PDF in less than 2 minutes. This currently does not handle attachments, but that will be fixed and attachments will be handled as per the native format just like Discere handles attachments in PST files.

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