Discere – Spreadsheets, now in landscape

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Time for another dissertation project update. One of the most frustrating file types to deal with is excel / spreadsheet files for a number of reasons. Spreadsheets are very flexible and provide very powerful mathematical tools in a way accessible to average users. The power and flexibility come with a cost, however, leading users to stretch spreadsheets to limits which do not fit in portrait orientation with an 8×11.5 or A4 page size. This is, primarily, because people do not generally format their spreadsheets for printing – or if they do it is only done on the fly for printing rather than as an ongoing format for everyday use.

The easiest way to handle paginating spreadsheets in a batch processing methodology is to expand the paper size to ledger / tabloid (11 x 17) in landscape and hope for the best. This is not a trivial undertaking, but I am happy to say, as of today, my Discere tool now supports this processing mode as well as any other arbitrary paper size. To the laymen it may seem a minor point, but to people who deal with large corpi of corporate documents for litigation purposes this will be recognized as a significant advance toward Discere being ready for real world use.

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