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Ashley Madison – Adulterous Data Breach and Copyright Takedown Notices

Ashley Madison is a website devoted to facilitating adultery. That is literally their customer base – married individuals seeking to cheat on their spouses. Their trademark slogan is, “Life is short. Have an affair.” They further self-describe their operation as,

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The Hacking Team Data Breach in a Nutshell

I wrote briefly about the Hacking Team Data Breach yesterday in the context of data breaches generally. This is an interesting area of the law because of all the high profile breaches in the last couple of years, the upsurge

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“Hacking Team”: Data Breach

Data Breach. The word itself carries a scent of panic that grows in magnitude the more such high profile events enter the public cognizance. They are hideously complex to deal with, legally and technically, and carry high costs in terms

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NOLASec – SilkRoad trial talk – plus recent developments

It has been a fairly long time since I last posted a blog entry (October 2013, ironically also about SilkRoad), but I anticipate posting more content in the near future. Last Wednesday (March 25, 2015) was the monthly NOLASec meeting

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Silk Road gets shutdown

Silk Road was a particularly unfortunate example of good technology used for bad ends. It was a virtual black market for drugs, identity theft, and other crime. An affidavit from FBI special agent Christopher Tarbell hit the internet today which

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