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NSA gathering data from social media, also – so is everyone else

I previously posted about my intention to do a digest / tear down talk on the ongoing NSA leaks / public discussion for the local security group. Unfortunately, this intention keeps getting sidetracked by new releases and articles. The difficulty

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The light at the end of the tunnel draws nigh. It is hard to believe over the past 12 years I’ve balanced,  at various times, full time jobs in the corporate world, RA/PI positions, self-funded/independent research, 4 degrees (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.,

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Aaron Swartz

This is a very sad day. Recently I presented a talk on Aaron Swartz ‘s JSTOR incident, the resulting legal actions, and an overview I captioned as ‘reading between the lines’. In my talk I highlighted how legal documents can be

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Dissertation Defense

I defended my dissertation October 29, 2012 – and it was accepted. Bellow is the abstract along with a video demo of the Discere tool I created as part of my research. Following changes to the Federal Rules of Civil

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NOLASEC – Hidden Legal Pitfalls of Digital Forensics Research

Yesterday was the first NOLASEC meeting in the new presentation format. Previously, the meeting had one speaker giving a 30 minute talk with questions and discussions after. The newer format is intended to allow for multiple shorter 6 minute talks

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