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LinuxCon 2013

This week LinuxCon ( is in New Orleans. I have to say, I have mixed feelings about the program thus far. On one hand, the keynotes have been very upbeat and interesting with a lot of positive energy from the

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Fall Changes

Now that the bar exam is over and my life is returning to normal, I am in the process of converting this space back into what it started as – a professional / research blog. Staying on target during the

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Site Update

I’ve update the website theme, updated the about page, and added pages for services and contact.

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Social media, 3rd party data storage, and warrants

Just a quick post about this article which I came across this morning regarding warrants going after facebook data. This is a very interesting trend with both privacy as well as public policy implications for the continued advancement of technology.

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Funny quote

I think this is one of the funniest judicial excerpts I’ve read to date. Three cheers for dry wit. If there were a book on the subject of Appellate Game Theory (there is not), this appeal could furnish rich examples

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