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Court Order Compelling Apple’s Assistance Under the All Writs Act

On February 16, 2016, a magistrate judge in the Central District of California issued an order, under the All Writs Act, compelling Apple to assist the FBI in searching an iPhone 5C that belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook. Farook was

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NOLASEC – Hidden Legal Pitfalls of Digital Forensics Research

Yesterday was the first NOLASEC meeting in the new presentation format. Previously, the meeting had one speaker giving a 30 minute talk with questions and discussions after. The newer format is intended to allow for multiple shorter 6 minute talks

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ACTA Treaty

If pressed, I would name the ACTA treaty and Network Neutrality as the two most threatening issues of the day with regard to the Internet. The ACTA treaty has, until recently, been under super secret negotiations hidden from public scrutiny.

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Redaction vs CTRL-C CTRL-V

User error is ever the bane of security. It has plagued the digital world since the first user taped their password to their monitor, an event likely to have occurred shortly after the first passwords were given out. While the

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<>< [Phish / Fish] ing attacks are still viable

Fairly uninteresting from a technical point of view, but worth noting as a perpetual problem. The Register reports on a recent fishing attack against hotmail and other web based email users. Phishing, Fishing, <><, all refer to what is known

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