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Respondus LockDown Browser

The Respondus LockDown Browser is an application designed to “lock down” a system for the duration of an exam. It claims to display a full screen browser that cannot be minimized, prevents task switching, stops “over 400 screen capture, messaging,

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Disturbing Trends Across the Pond

Two convicted for refusal to decrypt data Since October 2007 when the refusal to disclose decryption keys was made criminal in the UK, the buzz around the smallish digital forensics research community has been alarm. Security researcher, by definition always

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MediaSentry – Defense moves to suppress in RIAA case

The RIAA cases reminds me a great deal of Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes the arguments raised on both sides stretch credulity to the point where I wonder at the respective attorney’s ability to raise them with a straight face. During

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Cyber Attacks on Power Grid? Maybe, Maybe Not

I was debating posting something about this since I thought it was very chicken little, but it made it to slashdot again so my hopes of it dying quietly in the night are broken. The Wall Street Journal had a

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FBI Raid part 3 – Warrant Application Summary

I finally tracked down a copy of the search warrant application / affidavit for the data center raid in Dallas, TX. Hat tip to for linking to the information. The search warrant is 39 pages. The first 10 pages

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